NewsA man of the Church slays the scan-cars

A man of the Church slays the scan-cars

Scan-cars are these new paid parking controllers on wheels which “industrialize” the job, unlike the good old stewards.

The word is not too strong, because these controllers on wheels can scan up to 1,200 vehicles… per hour !

Scan-cars are the subject of many controversies, in particular because of their inability to read the parking card of people with reduced mobility, which annoys Unia.

Irritated at having been fined when he was only posting a simple letter — but also at the lack of communication from the parking company —, a priest from Genk (province of Limburg) refused to pay the fee and therefore ended up in front of the Justice of the Peace.

Gregorio Aiello was convincing by stigmatizing the difference between "stopping" and "parking" a vehicle — two concepts carefully framed by the Highway Code — so that the judge dismissed the local parking company and ordered it to pay all the costs:

2022-1-4 Vonnis Parkeerretributie

This judgment, delivered on January 4, 2022, heavily mortgages the controversial scan-car system.

Indeed, the stewards could check if a person was present near the vehicle while the scan-car is blind.

Because the term "stationary vehicle" refers to a vehicle immobilized for the time required for the embarkation or disembarkation of people or things while the fee is only due in the event of parking.

This flaw obviously did not escape, the Brussels regional agency responsible for collecting parking fees.

When Gregorio Aiello stigmatizes the attitude of the Genk parking company — which he describes as a “robot” — he cannot imagine the litany of complaints generated by the behaviour of

These complaints appear clearly on the Test Achats site and are visible on Google's reviews ; an entire Facebook page is even dedicated to them!

The person in charge of " customer service” (sic) at, a certain Yassin, is particularly targeted by these complaints.

This disloyal character is indeed unparalleled in responding off the mark with the aim of garnering ever more royalties (which must also be paid before contesting !).

The rules of can be found below :


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