AdvertisementsMake more money working at Dental Clinics ! (EN)

Make more money working at Dental Clinics ! (EN)

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Dental Clinics promises all deserving dentists superior compensation !

We are looking for dentists with the following three qualities : professional competence, friendliness and dedication.

We are prepared to grant a retrocession of fees of up to 55% — even 60% in some cases.

Please note : this large retrocession is not calculated on the basis of the official fee (INAMI), but on the basis of that requested from the patient (currently 130% of the INAMI rate).

Most Belgian dental practices offer 50% of the INAMI amount, but we want the best dentists !

Please note that all secretarial costs, personnel, products and materials are fully borne by Dental Clinics ; there is no rent to pay.

We have two dental centers in Brussels as well as a large clinic in Antwerp, all equipped with the latest German radiographic equipment.

In Antwerp, you will have a cloakroom and access to the refectory.

The atmosphere is international and the lingua franca is English.

Our chief dentist is a nationally recognized specialist in dental prostheses and implants.

We treat both "social" patients and affluent, even very affluent clients (we have an entire VIP floor in Antwerp for this purpose).

Finally, we can offer you temporary company accommodation in furnished studios belonging to us (as well as a parking space if you have a vehicle).

With an annual turnover of more than three million euros, Dental Clinics has the means to reserve the best dentists!

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